Steel Building Products
Shenango Steel Buildings are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes custom made to your specifications.

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Standard Building Shapes
- Customized Design & Shapes Available

Single Slope


Added Lean-To

Side Canopy


Steel Specifications:
  Structural steel sections designed in accordance with American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) specifications
  Cold-formed structural members designed in accordance with AISI specifications
  Rigid frame designed in accordance with American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) manual entitled Plastic Design in Steel
  All connecting bolts are high tensile steel (A325 Class)

1. Rafters and columns are not tapered
  Maximizes interior space usage compared to tapered rafters & columns

2. Girts fitted inside the column instead of outside the column

  Saves interior space & simplifies construction
  Requires less steel, bolts & concrete
  Requires less construction time

3. Sidewall girt at waist level is standard

  Allows for easier installation of windows, ventilators, fans, air conditioners, louvers & other accessories

4. Wall and roof steel panels are roll formed and cut to exact specifications

  Available in a variety of panel profiles & color finishes
  Enhances building appearance
  Complements the project’s facing material (concrete, brick, stone, stucco, etc.)

5. Roof purlin and sidewall girt clips are welded into position at our factory

  Accelerates construction time
 No loose brackets and fewer bolts to inventory, attach or misplace
  No on-site welding needed

6. Doors and overhead doors can be located anywhere the customer desires them

  Parallel mounting surface permits easy attachment of support & torsion spring assemblies
  Eaves struts are designed to provide maximum space for overhead clearances

7. Overhangs are built in, not hung on

  Strengthens the steel roof as a whole
  Eliminates roof sagging & problem leaks

8. Only three connecting points per clear span frame (Industry standard is five)

Increases frame strength & rigidity
  Increases assembly speed

9. First girt installed 6 inches above the floor (Industry standard is 7 to 8 feet)

  Adds strength & rigidity to metal walls
  Protects individuals & equipment inside the metal building from a lift-truck or vehicle accidentally hitting the wall

10. Endwall frames identical to intermediate frames

  Facilitates steel building expansion
  Makes door relocation possible

11. Door and window openings are framed and reinforced
  Steel subframing is used around all doors & windows
  The added support provides maximum rigidity, safety & security

Features of Shenango Steel Buildings:

  Anchor bolts included
  Comes standard with galvanized steel purlins, girts, subframing for doors, windows & overhead doors
  Self-drilling & self-tapping sheet metals screws included
  Flange of purlins, girts & frames conceal unsightly wiring & plumbing
  Accessory items such as doors, windows, light transmission panels, ventilators & more are available

Other Products

  Provide a flat or pitched metal roof for your new project

  Provide metal siding for your new project

  Convert a flat steel roof into a pitched steel roof
  Cover your problem roof

  Restore unsightly exteriors
  Create vertical or mansard metal facades

Universal Building Frames
  Widths from 24 to 100 feet
  Eave heights from 8 to 24 feet
  Save the cost of using galvanized purlins & girts
  Integrate traditional building materials & styles

Shen-O-Deck [ Brochure (PDF) ]
  Custom-made mezzanines
  Maximize the use of your overhead space with a retro-fit mezzanine
  We can design & fabricate steel mezzanines into your new Shenango Steel Building

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